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This web page is run by Dan Gookin, author of the original DOS For Dummies, as well as multitudinous other books on computers and various topics high-tech.

Other Sites I Run


My main site, supporting my books and online training.


This web page supports my C programming books, C for Dummies in its various incarnations. It also includes a weekly C language Lesson as well as a monthly programming Exercise.

Are you a Gookin too?

Hello, cousin! I am aware that there are many of us Gookins out on the net, including two or three more Dan Gookins myself!

If you would like to receive e-mail using the gookin.com domain, please let me know. I will set up my computer to forward your e-mail to another mailbox on the net. So if your name is Jody Gookin and you want to be jody@gookin.com, just let me know. I do not charge for this service and consider it only fair because I snatched the gookin.com domain before anyone else!

Note that this is a forwarding service only; I can forward e-mail only to existing accounts. Email me for details.

Dan Gookin